Basically, those who have a high fear of negative assessment (as measured by Watson and friends’ Fear of Negative Evaluation scale) are unduly concerned with how they are judged or perceived by others. They have a tendency to believe that they are being judged negatively, and as a result, they are typically restrained in their behavior.
This group is also more sensitive to environmental variables, such as compliance and pre-social conduct. Watson and friends (1969) found it in every social assessing circumstance, including testing, being on a date, talking to one’s superior, being interviewed for a job, and giving a speech. Specific personality traits, such as anxiousness, submissiveness, and social avoidance, are linked to the fear of negative judgment. Several cognitive models and past studies back up the idea that social anxiety stems in part from a fear of being judged negatively (Clark & Wells 1995; Rapee and Heimbeig, 1997). People with social anxiety have attentional biases for detecting social-evaluative threats (Asmundson & Stein, 1994; Heinrichs & Hofmann, 2001; Vassilopoloulos, 2005); however, this sensitivity to social threats is thought to be based on implicit and automatic responses determined by stimulus relevance (Philippot and Pouilliez, 2005). Tozzi, F., Aggen, S., Neal, B., Anderson, C., Mazzeo, S., Neal, M., Tozzi, F., Aggen, S., Neal, B., Anderson, C., Mazzeo, S., Neal, M., Tozzi, F., Aggen, S., Neal, B., Anderson, C., Mazzeo, S., Neal, M., Tozzi Concern over making a mistake might be interpreted as a type of negative assessment. To put it another way, mistakes are synonymous with failure and rejection.
Fear of Unfavorable Evaluation is related to the fear of being assessed depressingly when engaging in a social environment, whereas Social Anxiety is a response to perceived negative evaluation by others. The emotional response to this sort of social phobia is social anxiety.
Patients with social phobia are excessively afraid of negative feedback while evaluating their relationships and have a high level of FNE.

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