Using the Ministry of Social Development as a case study, this project tends to examine the impact of motivation on public sector staff performance as it affects organizational productivity achievement. This study examines management’s efforts to achieve stated goals. To this end, we collected data using questionnaire and oral interview methods. The subjects of the investigation were four of his workers randomly selected from across the organization. Data analysis shows that there is a significant relationship between motivation and employee performance. The following conditions are met:
Employees need to be properly motivated through promotion and payment of qualifications and benefits when the time comes. Workers should be motivated by providing basic welfare facilities in terms of housing and environment for effective employee performance engagement to achieve business growth.




The “motive” theory becomes clearer after Elton Mayo’s popular Hawthorne study. Prior to that, the dominant view of management science theory developed. It is the perfect organizational structure for productive improvement within an organization. To summarize Hawthorne’s findings, organizational productivity only improves when it’s people. Items are well maintained. H. Koanth’s Source Motivation is commonly said to improve staff (employee) morale, payroll or payroll, training and development, promotion and advancement, leadership style and communication processes within an organization. . These factors are incorporated here as the organizational motivational environment.

On the same line, motivation in management science refers to rewarding or punishing employees in line with an organization’s assets.

Recently, organizational behavior modification (OBM) has become a concept of management theory, principle, and practice. Developed from the theory of behavior modification in psychology, his OBM has gained unprecedented acceptance among business economists and applied to the corporate context.

Implicitly, in human resource management, rewards and punishments are factors that make employees more productive. Therefore, positive and negative reinforcement are used to change behavior and are incorporated into management science. So you can z. For example, the benefits of financial incentives go beyond improving employee performance. Cudgel, on the other hand, succeeded in both inhibiting and simultaneously stimulating harmful behaviors such as anger, aggression, and rebellion, rather than identifying desirable behaviors.

Thus, management theorists who have embraced an approach to employee motivation find solace in the “can’t do” model. The model emphasizes that workers producing above the standard rate should definitely get bonuses for the extra product. Conversely, below-rate performance should mitigate other penalties, including dismissal, suspension, demotion, salary withholding, or pay increases. Various other measures. Performance, as used in this study, is synonymous with productivity.

Undoubtedly, employee performance issues constitute the motivational strategies adopted by organizations. Having said that, it is worth noting that in almost all organizations the performance of public or private employees depends on the motivational traits that come in fourth. Acceptance applicable to corporate circumstances.

Motivation to define an organization for employee performance and organizational effectiveness. Intrinsic motivation is the internal psychomotor that a person performs.
The Ministry of Social Development, Youth and Sports was established by him in 1997 in the former Plateau States, which includes present-day Plateau and Nasarawa States. The Federal Republic of Nigeria is a nation based on the principles of democracy and social justice. The Nigerian Constitution contains provisions legitimizing the aspirations of the Nigerian people in this regard, proclaiming other social goals and setting out the obligations of the government and citizens in pursuing these goals. In particular, one of the key provisions of the 1979 Nigerian Constitution is that the security and well-being of the people is the prime objective of the government” (Chapter II, Section 14 (2.

A fundamental social goal, articulated in the Nigerian Constitution, is to protect and promote the just security, dignity and well-being of the people.

Therefore, the Government of Nigeria should ensure that the relevant provisions of the country’s constitution enact and enforce appropriate laws aimed at protecting certain specific human rights, making the environment more amenable to shaping human rights. I understand that I have an obligation to develop and implement an appropriate action plan aimed at To promote economic and social security and strengthen the ability of all affected groups to function effectively in order to maximize their contribution to achieving national goals.


1. Poor performance of civil servants has been attributed to lack of motivation for job security.

2. The performance of state enterprise institutions is poor.

3. job description is wrong

4. Poor staff attitude towards work

5. This motivation problem is not the employee’s fault. We have proven that providing feedback and making sure that feedback is consistent can motivate employees to do what they want.


The purpose of this study is to examine and assess the importance and impact of employee motivation on productivity. It is also important to find out if the ministry cares about employee benefits and make meaningful suggestions for improvement.


ü Help employees rediscover their true passion for their work and guide them to do the best work possible.

ü Improve employee engagement and performance

ü Gain more enthusiasm, satisfaction and fulfillment through ranks.

ü Reduces frustration and stress and increases tolerance and receptivity.

ü Improve customer-employee relationships. 


Research activities serve both researchers and students at higher education institutions. Other researchers conduct research on related topics and business organizations.

Helps researchers test and understand the effectiveness of employee productivity motivation within an organization.

How motivation improves employee performance and organizational development.

It supports students in further learning in the areas of motivational or relevant research data and information.

The research work is also useful for any business organization in this field

The need to recognize tools and techniques to motivate employees. Perks Earned

Motivate your employees! Employees and their impact on productivity, performance and development in the workplace



Use relevant data and make the survey method a research study method. Respondents have different data collection backgrounds, so data collection tools are a combination of surveys and interviews. and various techniques of the data collection process. Questionnaire methods with personal interviews as well as interview structures were chosen to help respondents avoid deviations from the questions. The sample population consists of raffia and respondents of various ages (15+), both exhibiting income, education level, and motivation.


The scope of research is limited to the State Department.

Social Development Headquarters Rafia and he covers his three years from 2005 to 2007. Apart from that, the selection converges in terms of the type, size and range of staff working at Rafia, the Ministry’s headquarters.


Due to lack of resources, this study does not cover everything it should cover for the sake of completeness.

They are also the biggest limitations, as the time factor makes it difficult to conduct in-depth research, and the high cost of preparing and distributing questionnaires, creating drafts and final versions. Although the survey was intended to cover all workers across the country, the above limitations restricted the survey work to social development in Lafia.


Since every project has employee performance motivations in the public sector, it is very important to know the organizational structure categories in order to improve the productivity of the organization.

Designed to improve staff (employee) morale, other salaries or allowances, training and development, promotion and advancement.

It simply refers to an employee within an organization. Personnel means both skilled and unskilled workers.

Productivity is industrial productivity measured by the relationship between output and inputs in the economy. Productivity is defined as the relationship to what is produced. The overall input of the economic relationship between outputs and inputs.

(Management by purpose) MBO is a process in which managers and subordinates jointly set targets, activities, and target dates, and evaluate results against the set targets.

These are moral or economic things that make people work consciously.

The act of accomplishing things through people.



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