The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of effective construction production management on the success of construction projects in Akwa, Anambra. Three research questions were created to guide the research. The study population consists of construction production management professionals from construction companies. A well-structured questionnaire was distributed and 30 out of 40 distributed for data collection were retrieved. Survey questions were answered using counts/percentages and weighted averages (Likert scales). Among other things, we found that: Effective construction production management results in successful construction projects. Construction production management; this study concludes that recommendations on the importance of effective construction production management must always be used for quality assurance, work commitment, and complete success in supporting construction projects I’m here.
chapter One

1.0 Introduction
1.1.0 Research Background
The construction industry in Nigeria continues to grow at an astonishing rate. Construction methods have undergone changes with the current trend towards industrialization, mechanization, prefabrication and approval of all processes associated with the construction and installation of structures. Kashish C. (2016). All of these require high management effectiveness. Explosive population growth and continued demand for new construction and infrastructure facilities of all kinds require construction industry professionals to provide knowledge of construction plan production management during the design stage for successful construction . With suitable construction tools. Robert FC and Michael C.L. (2001)
The concepts and content of modern construction work are changing in complex directions, suggesting the need to improve modern techniques for professionals to learn and practice. Only in this way can the construction industry effectively and efficiently meet the tasks and responsibilities imposed to ensure the quality of production in the construction industry. This will not only provide customers with better cost-effectiveness, but also make the industry’s profitability more stable and ensure that all construction projects can be successfully executed on site. Designers have to anticipate, plan and execute various production control documents (builder’s documents).
Federal Building Code (2006).
1.2 Problem Description
Bamisile (2004) and the general public argue that most construction products are not cost effective and that construction projects are too expensive, too time consuming and error prone. Ibironque T.O. (2009) found that the problems experienced in overcoming the three parameters appear mainly at two points in the overall construction process: the interface between the client and the planner, and the interface between the planner and the client.


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